Your Health Record

Increasingly, patient medical data is shared e.g. between GP surgeries and District Nursing, in order to give clinicians access to the most up to date information when attending patients.

The systems we operate require that any sharing of medical information is consented to by patients beforehand. Patients must consent to sharing of the data held by a health provider out to other health providers and must also consent to which of the other providers can access their data. e.g. it may be necessary to share data held in GP practices with district nurses but the local podiatry department would not need to see it to undertake their work. In this case, patients would allow the surgery to share their data, they would allow the district nurses to access it but they would not allow access by the podiatry department. In this way access to patient data is under patients' control and can be shared on a 'need to know' basis.

You can change your mind at any time by speaking to Reception or your GP who will arrange for you to be contacted by the Surgery to check your decision.

If you do notwish to opt-out of any of the following then you don’t need to take any further action. If you wish to opt-out of any of the following please complete theform below and return it to the Practice.

Sharing Your Health Record.pdf

TPP SystmOne

This Practice uses a clinical computer system called SystmOne to store your medical information. This system is also used by numerous other GP Practices, Child health Services, Community Services, Hospitals, Out of Hours and many more. This means that your information can be shared with other clinicians so that everyone caring for you is fully informed about your medical history, including medication and allergies. You can control how your medical information is shared with other organisations that use this system:

  1. Sharing Out – This controls whether your information that is stored in the Practice can be shared with other NHS Services.
  2. Sharing In – This controls whether information made shareable at other NHS care services can be viewed by us, your GP Practice.

Summary Care Record

This contains only information on any medications you are taking and allergies you have so that NHS professionals can avoid any medication mistakes when looking after you when the surgery is closed. The record contains your name, address, date of birth and NHS number to identify you correctly but can include more information with your expressed permission. NHS professionals anywhere in England can view your SCR with your permission if they feel it would help them look after you. If you opt out of having an SCR then they will not have this useful information and we would recommend that you allow this record to be kept if at all possible.

For more information phone 0300 123 3020 or visit

National Data Opt-Out

The NHS wants to make sure you and your family have the best care now and in the future. Your health and adult social care information supports your individual care. It also helps us to research, plan and improve health and care services in England. Unless you have chosen to opt out, your confidential patient information can be used for research and planning. This online service allows you to make or change your decision at any time. You can also download a form to manage a choice on behalf of another individual by proxy.

If you wish to opt-out, you will need to record a national opt-out that offers you a new way to prevent your confidential patient information from being used for research and planning. You can download a form by clicking HERE, please return this to us via email to

You can find out more about the national data opt-out online at: or by contacting 0300 303 5678.

Care and Health Information Exchange

The Care and Health Information Exchange (CHIE) is a secure system which shares health and social care information from GP surgeries, hospitals, community and mental health, social services and others. CHIE helps professionals across Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and surrounding areas provide safer and faster treatment for you and your family by:

  • Ensuring you only have to tell your story once.
  • Reducing delays to your treatment. For example, by reducing the need to repeat blood tests.
  • Making sure doctors, nurses and other involved in your care know about your medical history.
  • Identifying diseases that you might be at risk of developing in the future. This can help you take action early to protect your health

You can find out more at, contact or call 0300 123 1519.