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Appointments at Ringwood Medical Practice

As a result of heightened concerns around COVID-19, practices locally are increasing the use of online consultations and telephone triage to support infection control and protect patients and staff. We will be doing this at Ringwood Medical Practice.

Some practices routinely manage their demand in this way already. What this means is that all appointments will initially be a phone call with a clinician who will then arrange an appointment if it is clinically appropriate to see you. This will allow us to provide a high level of care to those patients who need clinical input in a more time efficient way.

To manage the increased number of patient contacts, we may also need to reschedule some routine appointments that are not time critical. This will be discussed with you if appropriate.

Thank you for your support at a time we are dealing with an ever changing environment.’

Opening Times

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Appointments System

Appointment Triage

If you would like to speak to a GP please note that we operate a daily telephone triage system. The Receptionist will ask you a few brief questions, to give the Doctor an idea of the problem ahead of time, and the GP will then call you back. 

Should your GP ask you attend the Surgery for an appointment, you will be asked to wear a mask.

Cancel an Appointment

It is important the you inform us if you cannot attend your appointment, this will allow us to offer it to another patient and enable them to be seen.  You can email, use our online message system within your SystmOnline account, or call us to let us know.

If you fail to notify us that you could not attend an SMS will be sent acknowledging that you did not arrive, along with being noted in your medical records. Persistent failure to nofiy us may result in your removal from our list.


Text Reminder Service

We have a text message service available to all our patients which allows you to receive confirmations and reminders about your upcoming appointments, along will health promotion information and information regarding clinics.

If you do not wish to receive any text messages, please let us know and we can remove your number from the list.

Please remember: it is crucial that you keep us up-to-date with your current contact details when you change address, telephone numbers or email addresses. Failure to do so may result in an SMS or letter being sent to the incorrect recipient. 

Training Practice

Ringwood Medical Practice is registered as a training practice and supports newly qualified doctors under the supervision of Dr Rachel Barrass-Stones and Dr Kate Knight.

Dr Anne Wilson and Dr Alistair McHardy supervise our medical students from Southampton, Oxford, Brighton and Sussex Medical Schools.

Occasionally you will be asked if you would mind seeing your doctor with a medical student present. You are quite at liberty to decline if you would prefer to see your doctor alone.


It will sometimes be necessary for the doctor to ask for a chaperone to sit in on a medical examination. This is for the protection of both doctor and patient. A patient can request a chaperone to be present during their examination. Full details are held in the policies and procedures file available from reception.


If you require an interpreter to attend with you when you see your Doctor please notify the receptionist and we will arrange this for you.

Home Visits

Home visits are at the discretion of you Doctor. Please do not ask your Docotor to visit you at home unless you, or a family member, are genuinely too ill to come to the Surgery. A rash or temperature does not prevent you from coming to the Surgery and will not endanger other. Simply tell the Receptioist upon arrival.

If your condition, or your family members condition, does require a Home Visit, please let us know before 10:00 that morning.

You can be visited at home by a Community Nurse, if you are referred by your GP. You should alos be visited by a Health Visitor if you have recently had a baby, or if you are newly registered with the Practice and have children under the age of 5 years old.

Extended Access Appointments


Partnering Health Limited are offering a wide variety of extended access appointment times, with a range of clinical staff, on the ground floor of Ringwood Medical Centre or at Lymington Hospital. These clinics run every evening and during the weekends, please see below for a breakdown of these appointments.

Please note: In order of us to book you in to any one of these appointments we will need to electronically share your medical record electonically (please CLICK HERE for more information) with Partnering Health Limited. This will enable both organisations to provide continuous and consistant care. We can only do this with your permission, and you can revert this back at any time, at your discretion.

If we are running to capacity and cannot offer you an appointment that day you will be offered one of the following:

Ringwood Medical Centre: Appointments+

Monday to Friday: 18.30-21.30

Appointments are available with a variety of clinical specialists, including: a GP, a Practice Nurse, a Mental Health Practitioner, a Universal Care Practitioner and a Physiotherapist, each working a specific day.

Saturday: 08.00-18.00

Appointments are available with a GP or a Physiotherapist during the morning or afternoon, respectively.

Sunday: 09.00-14.00

Appointments are available with a GP throughout the morning.

Lymington Hospital: Appointments+

Monday to Friday: 18.30-21.30

Appointments are available with a variety of clinical specialists, including: GPs, Practice Nurses, Mental Health Practitioners, Universal Care Practitioners and Physiotherapists.

Saturday and Sunday: 08.00-22.00

Appointments are available with a GP throughout the day, and with a Practice Nurse, an HCA or a Physiotherapist during the morning.

Running alongside this service is the Urgent Treatment Centre at Lymington Hospital, open from 08.00-21.00 daily.